Research Assistant Positions are available

Research Assistant Positions are available for both Graduate and Undergraduate students [Application Form]. The students are expected to work on various research projects in Data Science, Data Visualization, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), MR, XR, Multi-user VR/AR environment, Gaming, Agent based Modeling, 3D Animation, and Mobile Application development. The current list of research projects can be found at the DVXR Lab website. Students who are proficient in Unity 3D, Sketch-Up, C#, Java, Python, Power BI, Tableau will be preferred.

Undergraduate Data Science Summer Research Opportunities (Available:Summer 2024)

Qualtrics Survey link


Doctoral Students

Yonas Lemma

Masters Students

Alwin Prabu
Pranav Moses
Kavya Parvathapuram
Jahnavi Chintakindi
Komal Cherukuri
Rishitha Reddy Pesaladinne (Group Leader)
Nanda Gowri Ganta
Suruthi Selvam
Maruthi Prasanna
Bhoj Bhatt
Sri Chandra Dronavalli
Mounica Siri Chandana Tamalampudi
Kavya Gundla

Undergraduate Students

Jason Weinstein
Andrew Summitt
Rowan Fink
Mackenzie Moore
Rahul Sharma
Aryan Sharma
Devshree Bhatt
Jennifer Ha



Dr. James Stigall

Dissertation Title: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Instructional Module for Education and Training [Defended Spring 2021], Won Deans Award, doctoral dissertation of the year 2021

Dr. Sarika Rajeev

Assistant Professor in Department of Mathematics and Computer Science [Tenure Track position] and Adjunct Faculty in Department of Department of Computational and Data Sciences at George Mason University
Dissertation Title: Game Theme based Instructional Modules based on Usability and Likability [Defended Fall 2018]

Dr. Timothy Oladuni

Assistant Professor in Computer Science, [Tenure Track position] at Morgan State University (Started Fall 2022), Previous at University of the District of Columbia [ 2018 -22]
Dissertation Title: Hedonic Pricing Theory - A machine learning investigation [Defended December, 2017], Won Deans Award, doctoral dissertation of the year 2018

Dr. Kolawole Ogunlana

Lead Software Engineer at USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)
[Won Best Dissertation of the Year award in 2016 , Total 10 dissertation candidates]
Dissertation Title: Modeling and Simulation of Agent Behavior in a Goal Finding Application for Evacuation [Defended December, 2015]



Alumni (Past Students)

  • Mr. Stephen Otunba, Software Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc , 901 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005
  • Ms. Supriya Lohgaonkar, Software Engineer at Oracle Systems.
  • Mr. Jingxin Han, Senior Software Developer at Inovalon. Inc., 4321 Collington Road, Bowie, Maryland 20716, USA.
  • Aaron Boothe, Associate Systems Administrator at Progressive Technology Federal Systems, 11501 Huff Court, North Bethesda, MD 20895.
  • Joel McCune, Agile Buisness Stratergy and Softwrae Development, Computer Programmer, NTEU (National Treasury Employee Union)., Washington DC.
  • Oumar Soumare, Netwrok and Security Engineer, Hewlett packard Enterprise, Silver Spring, MD.
  • Gema Howell, IT Security Computer Scientist, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Gaithersburg, MD.
  • Harish vadali, Software Engineer, VBrick Systems, Herndon, Virginia.
  • Dr. Benjamin Harvey, Computer Scientist, DOD (Department of Defense).
  • Anthony Drayton, Senior Penetration Tester, Raytheon, Defense and Space, Washington DC.
  • Stephon Mackey, System Administrator, Northrop Grumman Cooperation, Linthicum, MD.
  • Jeff Ruffin, Communications Technision, Comcast, MD.
  • Arinze Nwolisa, Software Engineer, IBM, MD.
  • Mike Tice, UNIX Admin., John Hopkins University, APL, Baltimore, MD.
  • Shamal Shete, Buisness Analyst, Baltimore Mental Health Systems Inc. Baltimore, MD.
  • Divya Pasam, Senior Associate, DRT Stratergies, Washington DC.



Saivishal Thota, Masters Student (UNT)
Bala Chikkala, Masters Student (UNT)
Sai Priya Nallamala, Masters Student (UNT)
Naga Sirisha Ponnaganti, Masters Student (UNT)
Mounica Kanumuru, Masters Student (UNT)
Shiva Muppa, Masters Student (UNT)
Praneeth Koppolu, Masters Student (UNT)
Sri Teja Bodempudi, Doctoral Student
Lamar Taylor, Doctoral Student
Aishwarya Reehl, Doctoral Student
Tolulope Oladipo, Doctoral Student
Swetha Sree, Doctoral Student
Ibeawuchi Anokam, Masters
Archana Patel, Masters
Revanth Baskar, Masters
Tyren Walker, Undergraduate
Sean Walker,Undergraduate
Taylor Brown, Undergraduate
Brianna Young, Undergraduate
Joevaughn Findlay, Undergraduate
Andrei Carillo,Undergraduate
Deiondrea Berry, Undergraduate
Adrian Brown, Undergraduate
Justin Taylor,Undergraduate
Francis Frank, Doctoral Student
Alicia Miller, Undergraduate
Nada Chaoui, Masters
Kola Ogunlana, Doctoral
Stephen Otunba, Doctoral
Rasheed Duval, Doctoral
Saurabh Shirgaonkar, Masters Student
Diliorah Arah, Masters
Wenhao Chen, Masters
Isac Anio- Frempong, Masters
Michelle Snowden, Masters
Bhargavi Nallini, Masters
Emmanuel Ossuetta, Undergraduate
Darren Sumpter, Undergraduate
Jeff Ruffin , Undergraduate
Ayomide Ajayi, Undergraduate
Oumar Soumare, Undergraduate
Stephon Mackey, Undergraduate
Daniel Perkins, Undergraduate
Dominic Bucknor, Undergraduate
Shea Brown, Undergraduate
Dexter Ballerda, Undergraduate
Stanley Woodroff, Undergraduate
Valerie Knou, Undergraduate
Antoine Lathon, Undergraduate
Philip Santiago,Undergraduate
Usha Govindaraju, Undergraduate
Gema Howell, Undergraduate
Titus Thomas,Undergraduate
Sherrod Shelton, Undergraduate
Kim Ta,Undergraduate
William Haong,Undergra
Gregory Jones ,Graduate
Wenhao Chen, Masters
Sailaja,Graduate, Undergraduate
Taiysha Hobbes, Undergraduate
Gregory Jones, Graduate
Tattwamasi Tripathy, Graduate
Mike Tice , Undergraduate
Aaron Booth , Undergraduate
Zachry Springer, Undergraduate
Metti Taffe , Undergraduate
Jingxin Han , Graduate
Shamal Shete, Graduate
Edward Tyreek, Undergraduate
Jeff Ratte,Graduate
Chiamaka Okoroha, Undergraduate
Dane Morgan , Graduate
Jihad Ashkar, Undergraduate
Supriya Lohgaonkar, Graduate
Harish Vadali, Graduate
Aparna Sengupta, Graduate
Aaoron Cannon , Graduate
Jeremi Richardson, Undergraduate
Pete Vidal , Undergraduate
Lislyn Duncan, Undergraduate
Lynardo Miles,Undergraduate
Divya Pasam,Graduate

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